Accelerating your business

See how TOTAL Lubricants can increase your profits

Total Top Up: Profit for the Dealership

Volume per annum Ltrs
% Non- Retail (Fleet) %
Price (per ltr) Sellout (per ltr) Unit Profit Profit through 1 ltr
Quartz INEO
Increased profit via top up

Total Quartz INEO Trade Up: Profit for the Dealership

Volume per annum Ltrs
% Non- Retail (Fleet) %
Price (per ltr) Sellout (per ltr) Unit Profit Total Profit per Annum
Quartz 7000 10w/40
Quartz INEO ECS 5w-30
Increased profit Profit increase (%)

The Customer Story

Weekly fuel spend
Annual fuel spend
Fuel economy benefit from oil change %
Total Annual fuel saving
Increase in Oil Cost (per 5 Ltr)



9 weeks

you will be saving money

Through cutting edge innovation and rigorous testing, TOTAL Lubricants are proven to give three big benenfits to your customer - fuel savings, enhanced engine performance and lower carbon emissions to help protect the environment.

By using TOTAL's advanced products in every vehicle, you can not only improve your customer service, but your can improve your profit margins too, in two key ways:

Trade up - Trade up to TOTAL's range of Fuel Economy, Low SAPS lubricants and you can promote the benefits to your customer and enjoy greater profit margins on every sale.

TOTAL's 1 litre top up packs - These are an essential part of a customer's service package and are an essential part of your sales technique. By adding a 1 litre top up pack to every job, you can give your customer the peace of mind that they have the right oil to hand to protect their engine and you can enjoy extra revenue with little effort.

Use these calculators to see how much extra profit your business could generate with TOTAL Lubricants

* 30l. Result obtained using QUARTZ INEO ECS instead of traditional 15W-40 oil, for a passenger car PEUGEOT 307 or CITRO√čN C4 (1,6 Hdi) with a consumption of 4,8L/100 km, covering18000 km annually.

** 30l, average volume value of a Diesel fill-up at a service station. Result obtained relative to the usage of QUARTZ INEO ECS oil instead of an ACEA (RL 191) reference oil, in a Peugeot 3071.6 Hdi, the consumption of which is 4.8L/100 km, with mileage of 18,000 km per year. Source TOTAL

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